We Are Lights

In WonderLab we created We Are Lights, the first exclusive teen festival for girls and boys from 12 to 17 years old. It’s an interactive experience that combines a mobile app and a luminous RFID wristband in a music and arts festival; with a customized line-up voted by the audience.

What is this experience about?

      We Are Lights is a gamified live experience that invites kids to make new friends according to their likes.

     First they download the We Are Lights app on their mobile phones. After they answer some questions about themselves and their preferences, they are assigned with a colour. The app allows teenagers to vote for the artists and bands they want to see perform the day of the festival. These artists are also part of the Meet & Greet experience with those participants who buy a ticket upgrade. When they arrive to the festival, participants are given a RFID wristband that works as a ticket and lights up with the colour that the app had previously assigned according to personal interests. The wristband is integrated with a cashless system; and this is the only way to purchase food and non-alcoholic drinks from different food trucks, and also merch sale.  During the event, teenage participants can make friends through the app with others who have similar tastes in music, sports, entertainment, fashion, etc. By doing so, they can earn points which can be exchanged for different prizes.

     We want to create an environment which can mix fun with safety. For that purpose, we specifically created a Family Zone, so that teenagers can bring their parents or other relatives to wait for them in a comfortable zone which has food trucks and music. We Are Lights is the place where teenagers can meet their favourite artists and influencers. We invite them so that they can enjoy the festival and share the best moments on their social platforms. We encourage every participant in the festival to do so as well, because social media is now part of their daily lives and our goal is to add technology to live events.

When did the festival take place?

     In 2017 we had our first edition in Buenos Aires sponsored by Personal, the main wireless network operator in Argentina. Over 1,000 kids and 500 parents enjoyed this experience.

     Since the first edition was a great success among our audience, on May 2018 the second edition took place adding new sponsors (such as Nosotras -women’s care-, MuaA! -teen apparel-, Yolas – ice-cream-). Prior to this second edition, we produced press events that were held in the Hard Rock Café Buenos Aires. Teenagers who bought a VIP ticket were invited to these events as well. We did this so the participants could see some bands and artists performing, and from that they could vote through the app the ones they wanted to see again the day of the festival. What’s more, these events made teenagers even more excited and enthusiastic about We Are Lights. Alongside with the live shows, we invited influencers and press, gave away prizes, streamed online via instagram and played interactive games.

Visit:  www.wearelights.net |  Instagram | Twitter

Watch the festival AfterMovie – 2017

Watch the festival AfterMovie – 2018

Download the app: IOS | ANDROID

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